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About Turning Point

Happy couple hugging.

Turning Point is a center to meet, listen, share, learn and encourage. Our research-based programs foster practical skills that increase resilience, the ability to bend without breaking.

Since your medical needs are being addressed, we focus on the emotional, social and psychological challenges that come along with a serious or chronic illness. Whether called classes, programs or activities, everything we do helps you adjust to your new normal – by learning the art and science of resilience.

We do not duplicate other support groups already available. We do teach coping skills in a variety of ways. You might find that writing in a journal gives you new perspective. Or discover that mindfulness techniques reduce pain.

Our research proves that learning resilience lowers anxiety and depression – and gives you back a feeling of control.

Wherever you're receiving healthcare, our doors are open to you. All programs are supported entirely by our generous donors.

Online programs and support available. Email for additional information or call 913-574-0900. We will call you back promptly.

For more information about Turning Point, please call 913-574-0900.

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