Setting up the Citrix Receiver for Android

Dictation only works on the Windows Operating System

From the home screen select Market.

Tap the search icon.

Enter Citrix in the search field.

Select Citrix Receiver.

Tap Install.

Tap OK.

Your notification bar will display Download complete.

Citrix will now be available in your applications list.

Launch the Citrix application and tap Set up my existing account.

Type in the address for the Citrix server,

Enter your network username.

Put in your network domain:

  • KUHA
  • KUMC
  • MAS

Give your account a name. Anything will do.

Tap the box to select Use Citrix Access Gateway.
Change the gateway type to Enterprise Edition.
Change gateway authentication to Domain Only.
Tap Add.

You should now see the account you created. When you tap that name it will ask for your password.

Type in your network password (i.e., your regular login password). Hit Connect.

You should now be logged in to Citrix and see all the folders you have available. O2 and email are listed under Default Applications.