citrix receiver

For users wishing to completed dictations, please also click on the above link to install the necessary configuration settings.

Once both applications are installed, please configure your microphone according to the following information.

Double-click on the speaker icon in the system tray.

This brings up the “Master Volume”. Next click “Properties”.

Next switch the “Mixer Device” to your audio input device (example: “Realtek HD Audio Input”) and check the “Mic Volume” box. Click “OK”.

After clicking “OK” this will bring up the “Recording Control”. Turn the “Recording” slider to the maximum setting.

Go to “Options” again and click “Properties”.

Make sure the “Mixer Device” is set to your audio output device (example: “Realtek HD Audio Output”). Check both boxes labeled “Front Black In” and “Rear Blue In”. This will add two columns to the “Master Volume” front page.

Make sure the slider in “Front In Black” and “Rear Blue In” is set to the maximum setting. Click the “Advanced” button under “Front In Black”.