Our Staff

At The University of Kansas Health System, neurologists specializing in epilepsy treat approximately 1,300 patients every year and are better equipped to diagnose and treat the condition than those at any other hospital in the region.

  • We have the only program in Kansas and one of only two in the Kansas City metropolitan area designated a Level 4 Epilepsy Center – the industry’s highest level of care.
  • We have a highly trained staff of neurosurgeons who perform routine surgeries and complex procedures that cure epilepsy.
  • Our doctors participate in cutting-edge research that one day could result in better epilepsy treatments.
  • We have doctors who are specially trained in managing women’s issues with epilepsy, including pregnancy.
  • Our clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners are specially trained to work with epilepsy patients.
  • We are on the medical advisory committee of the local epilepsy foundation chapter and routinely address patient groups through that organization.
  • We approach care with a multidisciplinary team focused not only on epilepsy itself but also the psychological, social and financial issues associated with the condition.

Meet our team

Our epilpetologists are advanced-trained neurologists specializing in the treatment of seizures and epilepsy. They focus on all aspects of diagnosis and treatment, including in-depth testing to determine if medicine-resistant patients are candidates for epilepsy surgery.

ulloa-carol-BWP000SF   Carol Ulloa, MD
hammond-nancy-KS431888   Nancy Hammond, MD
Mohamed Hegazy, MD  Mohamed Hegazy, MD
landazuri-patrick-BWP000IG   Patrick Landazuri, MD
uysal-utku-BWP0009T   Utku Uysal, MD


Our Neurosurgeons assess where seizures originate and identify if a patient is a candidate for epilepsy surgery. Surgical options include NeuroBlate laser ablation treatment and traditional resective surgery. If the seizures originate in multiple regions or if the area is not safe to remove, additional surgical options include implantable devices such as responsive neurostimulation (RNS) and vagal nerve stimulation (VNS).


camarata-paul-ZZX04181   Paul Camarata, MD
cheng-jennifer-bwp000zf   Jennifer Cheng, MD
Michael Kinsman, MD  Michael Kinsman, MD 
nazzaro-jules-KST00790   Jules Nazzaro, MD

Epilepsy Neuropsychologist
Our epilepsy neuropsychologist performs neuropsychological testing to help identify how ongoing seizures have affected a patient's cognitive functions, specifically memory. For surgical epilepsy patients, this testing helps the team determine any cognitive risks and benefits of surgery.

pearson-caleb-BWP000JK   Caleb Pearson, PsyD, ABPP
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