Patient Resources

Video EEG Monitoring

Video EEG monitoring is a procedure used to determine the type of seizures a patient is experiencing and where those seizures are coming from in the brain.

Please click here to review our guide to video EEG monitoring. It includes information on:

  • How long the process will take
  • What to do before you arrive
  • What to bring with you to the hospital
  • If family members are allowed to be present
  • What you can expect during your stay
  • After your procedure
  • Returning home

Please reach out to your nurse or physician with any questions you may have about the video EEG monitoring process. To check the status of your admission, please call our Admissions office, 913-588-7193.

Online resources

There are many resources – available locally and nationally – to assist people with epilepsy.

Epilepsy Foundation
Epilepsy Foundation of Missouri and Kansas

Clinical trials

The University of Kansas Health System conducts clinical research that could one day contribute to better treatments for epilepsy. Once you have become a patient, speak with your physician to see if you are eligible to participate in research to test new drugs and devices for managing epilepsy.

Online health library

We offer an extensive online health library for quick answers and easy-to-understand explanations of different diseases and treatments.