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Human Milk Donations Are Needed — How to Help

Pumped breast milk in storage bags

January 10, 2023

The University of Kansas Health System in Kansas City, Kansas, serves as a human milk depot in partnership with the Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank.

Pre-approved donors may bring their extra milk, also referred to as breastmilk, to our campus at 39th and Rainbow in Kansas City, Kansas, where it will be stored and later collected by the Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank for processing. The milk bank tests, pasteurizes and freezes the milk so it is ready to be dispensed to infants in need.

Why donate milk?

Donors may explore milk donation due to an excess supply or after the successful completion of their own breastfeeding journey. Some who have experienced pregnancy loss may find that pumping and donating milk can be healing and a special way to honor their baby. Pasteurized donor milk can be lifesaving for preterm or critically ill infants or can serve as a much-needed bridge in times when a mother’s own milk is not available. The University of Kansas Health System is proud to offer donor milk as part of our comprehensive labor and delivery and NICU services.

Interested in becoming a human milk donor?

Learn more by going to and completing the Donor Criteria Form. The approval process includes a review of medical history, medications and labs that are paid for by the milk bank. Approved donors meet standards established by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America. For more information about the Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank, call 405-297-5683 or go to

If you have already been approved by the Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank and would like to donate your milk, please call our lactation services at 913-588-5642 to schedule a time that is convenient for you. Every drop makes a difference in the life of a sick or premature baby!

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