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Patient Story

Midwifery Delivers Desired Birth Experience

As a medical professional, Kara Armato knows state-of-the-art healthcare. When she caught COVID-19 during the second trimester third pregnancy, the midwifery care team at The University of Kansas Health System were there to help - following up frequently to check on her and make sure she and the baby were okay.

Patient Story

Exceptional Care During High-Risk Pregnancy

After the birth of twin boys, each weighing only 1 pound and 3 oz., the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) worked together to give the boys a fighting chance.

Patient Story

Heart Disease Grabbed Her by the Throat

When Teresa Hamilton noticed a burning sensation in her throat and chest, heart disease was the furthest thing from her mind. But cardiologists at The University of Kansas Health System in Kansas City revealed otherwise

Patient Story

Not Taking Her Heart Health for Granted

After a lifetime of living with heart disease, Kathy Webster of Kansas City helps spread awareness about women’s heart disease

Patient Story

Expert Treatment Helps Couple Become a Family

Andrew and Brieanna Claassen had navigated many of life's twists and turns together. When Andrew's cancer treatment impacted their fertility, they drew on this strength to find answers.

Patient Story

Easing Healing From Hysterectomy

Minimally invasive surgery offered faster recovery from hysterectomy for Stacy Garrard who had suffered from painful, heavy menstrual periods most of her life and wanted relief.

Patient Story

Adelaide C. Ward's Gift from the Heart

Civic leader and philanthropist Adelaide C. Ward establishes a women's heart health center in Kansas City after receiving an unexpected diagnosis and lifesaving care

Patient Story

Cardio-Oncology Helped Minimize Cancer Treatment Damage

Rebecca Schrivener’s cancer treatment was dangerous to her heart. The cardio-oncology program at The University of Kansas Health System in Kansas City helped minimize the damage

Patient Story

Snowflake Embryo Adoption

Laura and Jeremy Butcher

Patient Story

Making Parenthood a Reality Through IVF

When Jenn and Jeff Quint attended the annual Kansas City Infertility Awareness conference in April 2015, they met someone who would change their lives – fertility specialist Courtney Marsh, MD, MPH. Dr. Marsh, one of the experts speaking at the event...

Patient Story

Conception After 9 Years of Infertility

Oklahoma couple Rex and Amber Largent have been married for 11 years – and trying to conceive for 9 of them. "We went through a lot before we met Dr. Marsh," says Amber. Courtney Marsh, MD, MPH, is one of the expert physicians on The University of Ka...

Patient Story

Dream of Parenthood Becomes Reality

When Mike and Tina Marsh decided they were ready to start a family, they were surprised when Tina didn't get pregnant right away. "Our journey to have a baby spanned almost 4 years," Tina relates. "We thought it would be easy. But like a lot of thing...

Patient Story

Baby Steps to Fertility Success

As Kayla Baanders drove home from her job as a history teacher at Blue Springs High School, her phone rang. It was a familiar voice delivering unfamiliar news – Kayla was pregnant. The journey to parenthood started in 2015 for Kayla and her husband,...

Patient Story

Patience and the Art of Artificial Insemination

Meredith and Cindy Palomo believe their fertility team's kindness, support and dedication to excellence helped bring their daughter, Naomi, into the world. The couple worked with fertility specialist Courtney Marsh, MD, MPH, and The University of Kan...

Patient Story

Overcoming Infertility with ICSI

Working as a dietitian who counsels pregnant women and new mothers, Dayane Parker was reminded daily of her and her husband's struggle to have a baby. After trying to get pregnant for 16 months and having testing, the Parkers learned they were unable...

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