When Jenn and Jeff Quint attended the annual Kansas City Infertility Awareness conference in April 2015, they met someone who would change their lives – fertility specialist Courtney Marsh, MD, MPH. Dr. Marsh, one of the experts speaking at the event, left an immediate impression.

"Her personality seemed to be consistent with ours," Jenn says.

Dr. Marsh is one of the expert physicians on The University of Kansas Health System's advanced reproductive medicine team. She and other nationally recognized physicians Kristin Holoch, MD, and Michael Lydic, MD, offer the Kansas City region's most comprehensive infertility services.

A few months prior, the Quints had learned of a history of infertility on Jenn's side of the family, so they decided to seek out a specialist. Meeting Dr. Marsh helped them choose The University of Kansas Health System.

The journey to parenthood begins

The Quints scheduled a consultation with Dr. Marsh and her team at their Overland Park clinic location. Following that consultation, the couple felt confident with the recommended treatment plan. Rather than being too aggressive, it was decisive and strategically planned – it was “just right” for them. Jenn was pregnant after the first fertility treatment cycle.

“We thought we had beaten infertility,” Jenn says, “but we were cautiously optimistic.”

Sadly, Jenn miscarried. After taking time to heal, they eventually decided to try in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Doctor with patients

More advanced fertility options

We provide the largest reproductive medicine program in the Kansas City region, and offer expertise through the region’s only embryology lab recognized as a national Center of Excellence and advanced treatment options, including IVF in vitro fertilization (IVF).

With locations in Kansas City, Kansas, Overland Park and Gladstone, as well as collaborative relationships with practices in Wichita and Topeka, we provide convenient care options for patients from across the Midwest.

The IVF option

In the IVF process, eggs and sperm are retrieved from the patients, and fertilization is induced in a laboratory environment by an embryologist.

Embryos from the couple’s first IVF cycle arrested, which means they stopped developing and did not divide past the single-cell stage.

“We were devastated,” Jenn says. “Dr. Marsh called us personally, and took time at our appointment the next day, treating our emotions. She cared about us, our feelings and our faith perspective. Discussing the next step could wait. She wanted to make sure we were as OK as we could be.”

Jenn and Jeff also met with their embryologist, Matthew Goering, PhD. He explained what happened, and ordered everything in their case to be reviewed again.

“Dr. Goering didn’t sugar coat anything,” Jenn says. “He said we could try again and have the same result. But he had also seen a completely different outcome was possible the next time."


The decision to try again was completely ours whenever we wanted to make it. We weren’t pressured or given false hope. – Jenn Quint

“The decision to try again was completely ours whenever we wanted to make it. We weren’t pressured or given false hope.”

A few months later, the Quints decided to try IVF again. Their advanced reproductive medicine team changed many aspects of their treatment plan. Some changes were based on the latest research, and some were based on findings from Jenn and Jeff’s failed cycle.

“We wanted to know we had tried everything possible this time, and if it didn’t work, we would have peace with the outcome,” says Jenn.

The Mind/Body Program

One of the changes Dr. Marsh recommended was incorporating the Mind/Body Program led by Judy Gay, RN, into their plan. The program focuses on helping people cope with the emotional aspects of infertility.

"I strongly believe this made a huge impact on our results," says Jenn. "I tend to be a bit on the anxious side, so Judy worked with us on meditation and helped us get in contact with an acupuncturist."

And baby makes three

Jenn and Jeff's second IVF treatment cycle resulted in not only a pregnancy – but their "perfect baby girl."

"With tears of joy and the deepest gratitude, we are so happy!" says Jenn.

Her name is Olivia Michelle.

For other couples facing infertility, Jenn recommends turning to family and friends for support.

"You need to surround yourself with others who have walked the steps you are walking. And most important, you must do what feels right in your heart."

The couple has five frozen embryos.

"We have a realistic hope that we will be able to complete our family and have two children," says Jenn.

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