Working Together to Fight COVID-19

Simple healthy habits remain our best defense: hand hygiene, physical distancing, mask use and staying home when sick. Let’s work together to reduce the spread!

Have COVID-19 symptoms? Patients, please call ahead to alert your provider. Visitors, please stay home to recover.

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Secure Email for Your Safety

For the privacy and protection of our patients and others we serve, The University of Kansas Health System uses a secure outbound email system. All outgoing email messages that may contain protected health information (PHI) are automatically encrypted for security.

Email messages can easily be intercepted and read by others. We protect your privacy and preserve confidentiality by sending potentially sensitive messages securely. Not only is this the right and appropriate thing to do for our patients, it's an important necessity to ensure compliance with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our email system meets HIPAA requirements by encrypting emails we send to you to ensure they're read by only you.

Accessing secure emails

Our Secure Messaging Portal is your solution for accessing, reading and responding to secure emails. You'll log in with your email address and a password. When a health system employee sends you a secure email, you'll receive a notification in your inbox.

Click the link in the notification message. You'll be prompted to log in to the Secure Messaging Portal. Follow these simple steps.

  • Enter your email address.
  • Click Next.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click Log In.

First-time users

The first time you receive an encrypted email from the health system, you'll also receive an email with details on accessing the Secure Messaging Portal. It will include the email address and a temporary password to use to log in. You'll be prompted to change your password during the first-time login process. You'll use your new password for future access.

Once you’ve entered the Secure Messaging Portal, you can read and respond to secure emails. By responding to email within the portal, and composing new messages there if needed, you can be assured you’re sending secure communications that keep private information private.

Thank you for working with us to uphold privacy and security.

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