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Six transplant patients at The University of Kansas Health System in Kansas City share their stories

When you receive an organ transplant at The University of Kansas Health System, the largest and most successful transplant program in the region, your life is changed. Patients who come to us receive expert and personalized care from a multidisciplinary team of nationally renowned experts who work in conjunction with other specialists to address patients' physical, mental and emotional needs. Six of our transplant patients share their stories.

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Rebecca Hertzog Burns   Blood and Marrow: Rebecca Hertzog Burns
Under the care of the region's leading BMT team, Rebecca achieved remission from leukemia with a cord blood transplant.
Brendan Connor   Living Kidney Donation: Brendan Conner
After Alport syndrome caused his kidneys to fail,  Brendan's cousin provided a living donation that changed their lives and relationship.
Nate Rivera and Tim Saylor  Living Kidney Donation: Nate Rivera
 When Nate needed a second kidney donation, a then-stranger stepped in to help based on a "gut feeling."
Amy Ausmus  Liver: Amy Ausmus
After getting sick, Amy spent 10 years "just trying to survive." When she received a new liver, she regained her health and freedom.
Brenda Adams   Liver: Brenda Adams
Brenda and her husband enjoy the simple things, but even that became difficult when she faced liver failure. Now she can fully enjoy life again.
Steve Herndon   Heart: Steve Herndon
Things can change quickly. One week, Steve was hiking 5 miles with his family, then next he was in heart failure.