Sign in area at the Center for Transplantation at The University of Kansas Hospital.

The Center for Transplantation is the region’s largest and most successful solid organ transplant program. It houses a multidisciplinary team in a 25,000-square-foot location with 36 exam rooms, a dedicated lab, inviting waiting areas for patients and families and a patient information resource center.

Why Choose Us

The Center for Transplantation at The University of Kansas Health System offers experience and expertise second to none. Our multidisciplinary experts are passionate about patient-centered care and collaborate across specialties to address patients' physical, mental and emotional needs before, during and after transplant. The approach ensures comprehensive support throughout a patient's transplant journey and helps each achieve the best possible result. To schedule an evaluation or an appointment, call 913-588-1227.

Our program continues to experience significant growth and volume, producing outcomes that exceed regional and national averages. Having performed our first kidney transplant in 1969 and first liver transplant in 1990, we have accumulated unrivaled experience that benefits each new patient who entrusts us with their care.

Our nationally recognized transplant surgeons and transplant medicine specialists perform highly complex and precise procedures multiple times every week. They are skilled in the latest surgical techniques and use the most innovative technologies. The team's goal is to give every patient the best opportunities to promote health and quality of life.

By the numbers

The Center for Transplantation is performing more lifesaving organ and tissue transplants than ever before. While our numbers demonstrate leadership in our field, what we hope they truly inspire is our patients' confidence in our care. Our true mission is to get our patients healthier, faster.

  • 4,014 total solid organ transplants since the program's inception

    • 1,500 liver

    • 2,233 kidney

    • 160 pancreas and kidney

    • 86 liver and kidney

    • 19 pancreas only

    • 16 heart

  • 232 total solid organ transplants in 2017 – the highest volume in the region