Asthma Medications

One of the most important aspects of your asthma self-management is understanding your medications and the proper use of your medication delivery devices. First, we will discuss the two main types of asthma medications.

Controller medications

Inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) – Take your controller medications as your first line of defense to control swelling in the airway. Long-term controller medications will help prevent symptoms before they start.

It is important to remember that controller medications:

  1. Will not help an asthma flare-up after it has started
  2. Are not addictive
  3. Must be taken daily, even when you feel well

Quick-relief medications

Bronchodilators should be used in addition to your ICS and not as the main medication for your asthma. Also, brochodilators may be used as the medication treatment for exercise-induced asthma. Quick relief medications:

  1. Are used once symptoms begin to get worse
  2. Should always be carried with you
  3. Should not be used more than 2 times per week
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What you can do

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