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The University of Kansas Health System Sports Medicine and Performance Center at 8302 W. 125th St. in Overland Park, Kansas, offers adult fitness and sports performance classes, specialized injury prevention classes, sports nutrition consultations and personal training. No matter your age, background or sport, you can become a better athlete and improve your fitness at our sports performance center.

Sign up online, email or call 913-239-0646 to schedule a class.

Softball Pitcher

Softball player springs back from torn ACL

Maggie Richardson’s high school athletic career was halted due to a knee injury, but sports performance training helped her return to play stronger, faster and more explosive than before the injury.

Read her story

Fitness classes

  • Ages 18 and up. Sessions are 60 minutes and start at $15. LIFT-FIT class offers instruction in performing compound barbell movements and accessory work to improve total body strength, including velocity-based training, jumps, med ball throws, sled pushes and pulls, cardiovascular training and more. Goals are to improve overall strength and hypertrophy (muscle growth), increase calorie burn and improve general fitness. This high-energy class allows members of all ages and experience levels to participate and work to their comfort level. Classes run 9-10 a.m., Monday-Saturday, and 5:30-6:30 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • This is not a structured class, but a free-lifting time offered for anyone of high school age and above. Participants will have the freedom to use the weight room portion of the facility on their own. The Sports Medicine and Performance Center team will be available for any assistance or advice.

  • Participants will begin with a biomechanical assessment to help the trainer design a program specifically to their needs and goals. The trainer will provide one-on-one instruction, including proper form and execution of each exercise to maximize fitness results. 60 minutes. Individual sessions $90. Ask about discounts for purchasing multiple sessions. Call 913-239-0646 to schedule.

  • Clients will train with a partner to motivate each other and achieve their performance goals. All participants will have their own assessment and training program. 60 minutes. Individual sessions $50 per person. Ask about discounts for purchasing multiple sessions. Call 913-239-0646 to schedule.

Injury prevention

  • This 6-week program is designed to help athletes develop proper skills for reducing their risk of ACL and other sport-related injuries. This program targets youth and high school athletes and includes a video analysis of jumping and landing patterns, individualized progressive strength training and education on proper warmup prior to training and competition. $300 for 12 sessions. Call 913-239-0646 to schedule.

  • Overhead motions, such as pitching, throwing, serving, spiking and swimming, demand incredible control of the upper extremities. This 6-week program focuses on reducing the risk of shoulder, elbow and other sport-related injuries commonly seen in overhead athletes. Participants will learn and develop the proper skills and techniques to enhance their movements and improve their performance. Athletes who swim or play baseball, softball, volleyball or tennis can benefit from this program. $300 for 12 sessions. Call 913-239-0646 to schedule.

  • Sustaining a concussion can be devastating to an athlete. This 6-week program, developed by sports medicine experts at The University of Kansas Health System, is designed for middle school and high school athletes who want to reduce their risk of concussion and improve sports performance. Participants will focus on agility, balance and reaction skills, neck and core muscle strength, vision training and spatial awareness. $300 for 12 sessions. Call 913-239-0646 to schedule.

  • Whether the athlete's goal is to prolong their career, increase performance or simply play pain-free golf, training programs improve driver distance, clubhead speed, accuracy and reduce the rate of injuries sustained by golfers on all skill levels. The program includes a Titleist Performance Institute screening, K-Vest 3D motion swing analysis, personalized exercise routine and dynamic warmup routine. Call 913-239-0646 to schedule.

    • Evaluation: A one-time, 60-minute evaluation that includes a Titleist Performance Institute screening, K-Vest 3D motion swing analysis, personalized exercise routine and dynamic warmup routine. $129 for the evaluation. Call 913-239-0646 to schedule.
    • Golf-Specific Strength Training: Training sessions are designed to address individual areas of weakness and improve upon strengths as they relate to the golf swing. These classes will improve fitness and supplement your current golf routine. Sessions start at $25. Call 913-239-0646 for individual sessions.
  • Metabolic performance testing, also known as VO2 max, measures the highest amount of oxygen your body uses during exercise, specifically at maximum exertion. A performance assessment includes a comprehensive evaluation by a trained professional. It identifies your baseline performance, ventilatory threshold and maximum heart rate response. It also provides recommendations for heart rate-based training thresholds and identifies benchmarks to enhance your training goals. Sessions start at $99.

  • Regular running can result in injuries, and a significant percentage of runners are injured annually. A running gait analysis can identify running inefficiencies. This information is key to improving running performance and preventing potential injuries. Our team of trained professionals will look at every aspect of your running form. With the use of the Qualisys 3D Motion Capture System, we can evaluate your biomechanics and compare them to elite runner standards, help improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury. Whether you are looking to improve overall performance or have been sidelined due to injury, let our experts help you achieve your goals. A running gait analysis starts at $199.

Sports performance

  • This class is for athletes ages 8-12. Class is 60 minutes and sessions start at $15. The focus of this class is to introduce the fundamentals of athletic development. Athletes will learn techniques of sprinting (proper posture, foot strike and arm swings), linear acceleration, deceleration and change of direction/agility. They will also be exposed to multiple variations of movement patterns, such as jumping, throwing and crawling, which enhance total body strength, power and proprioception (body position awareness).

  • This class is for female middle school and high school athletes. Class is 90 minutes and sessions start at $28. This class harnesses the strength of female athletes while addressing the differences in anatomy, biomechanics, physiology and emotional responses they face. Focus will be on becoming a better athlete, speed and agility training utilizing on-field resistance, total-body strength and jumping and landing strategies.

  • This class is for experienced middle school and high school athletes. Class is 90 minutes and sessions start at $28. In this class, athletes are coached through various sprinting and change of direction drills utilizing on-field resistance. In addition, athletes are coached through a total body athletic performance program specifically tailored to their sport and individual position. This class will incorporate barbell lifts, velocity-based training, jump training and accessory work to create a balanced training program. Our primary focus is to improve an athlete’s mind-body awareness, reduce injury risk and maximize performance.

  • Sports performance personal training includes a consultation with a coach to discuss specific goals and training needs. The coach will design an individualized training program and provide 1-on-1 instruction during the entire workout. 60 or 90 minutes. Training sessions start at $70. Call 913-239-0646 to schedule.

  • Athletes will work with a training partner to motivate each other and achieve their performance goals. All participants will have their own assessment and training program. 60 minutes. Training sessions start at $50 per person. Call 913-239-0646 to schedule.

  • Sports dietitians focus on nutrition care that is specific to the athlete and their activity requirements. They work to assess, educate and counsel athletes, as well as design, implement and manage safe and effective nutrition strategies that enhance lifelong health, fitness and optimal performance. Our sports dietitian is a board-certified specialist in sports dietetics (CSSD), which is the highest standard of professional credentialing within the field of sports nutrition. Call 913-239-0646 to schedule an appointment.

Personal training services

Anyone can get expert personal training guidance at the sports performance location, regardless of athletic ability. All our fitness and exercise specialists are nationally certified and experts in corrective exercise, a technique that examines your movement patterns, balance, posture and strength. If you want to get into better shape, you can work 1-on-1 with our specialists to reach your specific goals.

Additionally, if you have suffered an injury or are coping with a major or chronic illness, our clinical exercise program can help you regain function or avoid further injuries. Our specialists are experienced in working with individuals who have obesity, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, cardiovascular issues and other health conditions.

You can schedule a free assessment for a personal training or clinical exercise program. Email or call 913-239-0646.

Athletic training services

Our sports performance location is staffed with certified and licensed athletic trainers who can help you return to sports safely and effectively. No matter your age, sport or skill level, you will receive treatment like a professional athlete. These 1-on-1 appointments will ensure you receive the care and attention you need to get back to performing your best. Our care includes the use of a variety of therapies, including manual therapy, rehabilitative exercise and transition into sports performance training. 30-, 45- and 60-minute appointments available. Priced at $1 per minute.

Indoor shot of Performance center

Meet the team

Roger Allen profile

Roger Allen III, CSCS

Strength and athletic development supervisor

Roger is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He was a 2-time All-American as an offensive lineman in college and played for 5 years in the NFL. He also has been a performance coach at Baylor and strength and conditioning coach at the University of Kansas. He is excited to help athletes discover their potential and reach levels of performance they never knew were possible.

Krisha Crane, MHA, LAT/ATC

Certified athletic trainer

Krisha has a master’s degree in healthcare administration and a bachelor’s degree in athletic training. She specializes in care, rehabilitation and management of sports injuries. She is part of a team that designs and implements injury prevention programs to decrease risk of injury and improve sport performance. Krisha is devoted to providing athletes of all backgrounds the utmost care.

Kelsey Ngeh

Kelsey Ngeh

Fitness program and personal training instructor

Kelsey has a bachelor's degree in exercise science and kinesiology. She has worked in the fitness industry for 20 years. She is passionate about helping clients of all ages and fitness levels improve core strength and balance and reduce chronic pain. She specializes in biomechanical movement patterns, which allow people to move better, decrease pain from aging and injury and improve exercise results.

Ryan Sloop

Ryan Sloop, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS

Program and facility coordinator

Ryan has a master's degree in advanced athletic training. He is a certified athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist. He works with athletes of all ages and backgrounds. He also leads the golf fitness and injury prevention program. He is Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) level-2 fitness and level-2 power certified, and level-1 K-vest certified.

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