Modified Hours for Memorial Day

In recognition of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, some of The University of Kansas Health System’s offices will have modified hours on Monday, May 27.

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OR and Procedural Anesthesiology

Procedural anesthesiologists care for patients prior to, during and just after medical procedures. Your safety, comfort and well-being are our main concern.

About OR and procedural anesthesiology

Anesthesiology is a part of the comprehensive multidisciplinary approach, which is essential for many procedures. The scope of our care will depend on a number of factors, including the type of procedure you’re having, your age, your current physical condition and your medical history. Our primary areas of responsibility include:

  • Preoperative evaluation to identify and minimize potential factors that might put you at risk during the procedure
  • Management of your stress and discomfort, as well as careful monitoring of your condition, during your procedure
  • Postoperative care to help prevent complications such as infection and to promote your overall recovery

We offer a variety of appointment types. Learn more or call 913-588-1227 to schedule now.

OR and procedural anesthesiology services

We provide OR and procedural anesthesiology services across several specialized areas of care, including:

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Doctors at The University of Kansas Health System are care providers and researchers at the forefront of new medical discoveries. From primary care to complex conditions, we offer hundreds of specialists.

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