7 Ways to a Better Mammogram

Annual screening is essential for good breast health. Dr. Onalisa Winblad, director of breast imaging, recommends these 7 tips to get your best mammogram.

Mammogram tips 

  1. Get your mammogram here. Where you get your mammogram matters. We find early breast cancer at double the national standard.
  2. Schedule at the same time each year. Getting your mammogram on or near the same date annually helps ensure you don't let a year slip by without making an appointment.
  3. Provide previous mammograms from other facilities. By comparing the new images with previous ones, the radiologist can detect subtle changes in breast tissue, which ensures the most accurate interpretation. You'll also receive your mammogram results more quickly.
  4. Choose a facility with 3D mammography (tomosynthesis). 3D mammography provides 70-100 views of each breast, whereas conventional mammography provides only 2. More accurate images means a more accurate diagnosis.
  5. Shower, yes. Deodorant, no. Bathe or shower before your appointment to remove deodorant particles that could be mistaken for early breast cancer. Don't reapply deodorant until after your mammogram.
  6. Alert the technologist to any abnormalities you've noticed. Let your mammographer know of any changes or abnormalities you've felt during breast self-exams.
  7. Ask the technologist if you have dense breast tissue. A dense breast has more connective tissue than fat, which increases your risk of breast cancer. Dense breasts can also reduce the accuracy of a mammogram. An ultrasound breast screening may be recommended to supplement your mammogram.

Screening mammograms are the only way we have proven to decrease death from breast cancer; they save lives. Mammograms allow us to find breast cancers when they are small and treatable. – Onalisa Winblad, MD

Director, Breast Imaging
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Mammogram tips to go

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