Masks are Required

Wearing masks helps us keep each other safe. Masks are required in our facilities.

If you cannot wear a mask, contact your care team before you visit to discuss telehealth. Patients and visitors not wearing masks will not be permitted to enter.

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OR and Procedural Anesthesiology

Woman going under anesthesia

Procedural anesthesiologists care for patients prior to, during and just after medical procedures. Your safety, comfort and well-being are our main concern.

The scope of our care will depend on a number of factors, including the type of procedure you’re having, your age, your current physical condition and your medical history. Our primary areas of responsibility include:

  • Preoperative evaluation to identify and minimize potential factors that might put you at risk during the procedure
  • Management of your stress and discomfort, as well as careful monitoring of your condition, during your procedure
  • Postoperative care to help prevent complications such as infection and to promote your overall recovery

Anesthesiology is a part of the comprehensive multidisciplinary approach, which is essential for many procedures.

Specialized areas of care