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Annual Eye Exams

Having your vision checked is an important part of staying healthy. Knowing what the exam should cover and when to have these, as outlined below, can help ensure your sight lasts a lifetime.

During an eye exam, an eye doctor reviews your medical history and completes a series of tests to determine the health of your eyes. The information from an eye exam may lead to medical procedures or prescriptions. Eye examinations should take place periodically as follows:

  • Before age 3: All children should have their eyes checked before age 3. If there is family history of childhood vision problems, or if the child has a wandering, crossed or other eye problem, his or her eyes should be checked earlier.
  • 3-20 years of age: Every 1-2 years, or as recommended.
  • 20-40 years of age: Every 1-2 years, unless you experience any problems such as vision changes, pain, flashes of light, new floaters or tearing or if you sustain an eye injury.
  • 40-64 years of age: Have a baseline eye exam at 40, unless you're having symptoms such as high blood pressure, diabetes or a family history of eye disease, consult your opthalmologist or optometrist to discuss how often you should be examined.
  • 65+ years of age: Every 1-2 years.


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