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Breast Reduction

For women who are afflicted with overly large breasts, and pain associated with the condition, breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammaplasty, may provide some appealing benefits. During surgery, fat, skin and glandular tissue are removed using liposuction and surgical excision, and the breast is lifted, reshaped and made smaller and firmer.

Reducing breast size can also reduce back, neck and shoulder pain, and increase self-confidence. Many women who undergo breast reduction surgery find they are more likely to engage in physical activity and wear form-fitting clothing more often than they would otherwise.

Would I benefit from breast reduction?

Women who receive breast reduction surgery commonly have large, pendulous breasts, a condition also referred to as breast hypertrophy or macromastia. As stated, these women often suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain, as well as shoulder grooving and inframammary fold infections. The large breast size also often causes the individual to feel self-conscious about her body.

Other important indications for breast reduction surgery include:

  • Nonsmoker
  • Good general health
  • Realistic expectations for surgery

How does breast reduction work?

Your breast reduction surgery will most likely take place in an outpatient setting, and it will last approximately 2-4 hours.

After general anesthesia is administered, your surgeon will make an inverted T or keyhole-shaped incision pattern that circles the areola and extends down to the breast crease. Next, excess skin and glandular tissue will be excised, and fat liposuctioned from the area. Your plastic surgeon will reshape the underlying tissue, then lift the breast once the excess skin is removed. Finally, the nipple and areola are elevated and the incisions are sutured.

What can I expect after breast reduction?

Recovery from breast reduction surgery is estimated at 1-2 weeks. You will likely be asked to wear a surgical bra as your breasts heal. Common symptoms are aching, swelling and bruising, and sometimes a loss of sensation in the nipples and skin. Over time, swelling will diminish and feeling should return. A drain consisting of a small tube may be placed under the skin to remove excess fluid that collects during the healing process. Please refer to your plastic surgeon for details about specific post-surgery care.

If you are curious about how you might benefit from breast reduction surgery, or if you have any questions regarding the cost of the procedure, please contact us. Our plastic surgeons are eager to take your questions and help guide you through your decision-making process.

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