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Patience and the Art of Artificial Insemination

Meredith and Cindy Paloma with their baby.

Meredith and Cindy Palomo believe their fertility team's kindness, support and dedication to excellence helped bring their daughter, Naomi, into the world.

The couple worked with fertility specialist Courtney Marsh, MD, MPH, and The University of Kansas Health System's advanced reproductive medicine team. She and other nationally recognized physicians Kristin Holoch, MD, and Michael Lydic, MD, offer the Kansas City region's most comprehensive infertility services.

"Dr. Marsh talked through our medical history, and really cared about our comfort and needs throughout the whole process," Meredith says. "We wanted to conceive in the most natural way possible, and Dr. Marsh created our treatment plan with that in mind."

Dr. Marsh talked through our medical history and really cared about our comfort and needs throughout the whole process.  – Meredith Palomo

Tweaking treatment options

Meredith and Cindy chose artificial insemination as their treatment option and selected a sperm donor. But when they didn’t get pregnant after 2 attempts, they consulted again with Dr. Marsh. They agreed that adjusting the treatment strategy to be more scheduled with ovulation would help them get pregnant sooner.

Meredith says, "We did a lot of research before talking with Dr. Marsh. There's just so much information out there. Our advice to other couples would be to have an idea of what you're comfortable with, and be patient.

"I'm a pretty patient person, but patience comes a little less naturally for my wife,” Meredith jokes.

Pregnant woman at doctor.

The region’s fertility experts

We provide the largest reproductive medicine program in the Kansas City region. In addition to artificial insemination, these specialists offer all fertility treatment options, including in vitro fertilization (IVF).

With locations in Kansas City, Kansas; Overland Park and Gladstone, Missouri, as well as collaborative relationships with practices in Wichita and Topeka, we provide convenient care options for patients from across the Midwest.

Make your family dreams a reality

A complex journey ends well

When the 2 first started talking about growing their family, they agreed to try 3 or 4 rounds of artificial insemination. "We thought if we weren't pregnant by then, we would take it as a sign that it wasn't meant to be," says Meredith.

But the journey to becoming mothers was longer and more complex than they ever expected. Open communication with each other – as well as taking the time to check on each other's emotional well-being – proved extremely important.

Although they were devastated after a miscarriage on their 8th attempt, Meredith and Cindy held on to hope and found comfort in each other.

"We finally decided our 10th round of insemination would be our last," Meredith says. "Naomi joined our family 9 months later.

"You hear amazing things about The University of Kansas Health System," she continues. "They really are that kind and that good!"

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