Pain management

Helping you heal

Pain assessment

Accurate and comprehensive assessments provide the best suggestions for treating pain. To assess pain consistently for each patient, our Pain Management Resource Team members use the WILDA method. Learn more.

Our approach

Pain-relieving medications are the most common method of managing pain. Successful treatment involves choosing the right medication for the specific type and severity of pain. There are also alternative therapies that may be useful in managing pain. Learn more.

Outpatient pain management

Outpatient pain management is focused on long-term pain relief. Advanced, efficient treatments to alleviate pain due to chronic conditions may help patients experience a more enjoyable, productive life. Learn more.

People feel pain differently, so we assess every patient’s pain individually. Our expert care team will work with you to manage pain associated with your surgery.

Our highly skilled pain management team includes physicians, pharmacists, psychologists, nurses and additional trained staff. Not only will they explain the possible pain you may experience, they take steps to combat it ahead of time. In addition, they will keep you informed about your pain management regimen and help you understand how your medications work to manage pain.

Our Pain Management Resource Team has in-depth experience working with all types of pain. Every day, they help hospitalized patients by consulting, assessing and educating them on how to best manage their pain. Our patients receive individualized treatment and the most advanced services available.

The primary goals of treatment include:

  • Decreasing pain
  • Increasing mobility
  • Diminishing dependency on pain medication
  • Decreasing medical complications of pain
  • Decreasing length of hospital stays and frequency of visits
  • Allowing patients to be involved in their own pain management