Patient Stories

Our liver transplant patients share their stories. To learn more about the liver transplant program at The University of Kansas Health System, or to request an evaluation, call 913-588-1227.


Keith Briscoe   Kansas Farmer Builds a Future
Liver transplant gives Keith Briscoe a new outlook on life

Brenda Adams  A Second Chance at Life
Liver transplant enables Brenda Adams to enjoy her family

Amy Ausmus  Donor's Selflessness Lets Mother, Teacher Reclaim Life
Transplant care gives Amy Ausmus her health and freedom

Conor Rock  Two-Time Liver Transplant Patient Pays It Forward
Conor Rock's lifetime of healthcare needs drives interest in nursing

Andy Donnelly  From Recipient to Mentor
Andy Donnelly's liver transplant led to a new lease on life – and a new career


1000th Liver Transplant The Record Breaker
Brenda Higgins was the 1,000th liver transplant recipient at The University of Kansas Health System
Deborah Ellerbusch liver transplant

Full of Gratitude
Deborah Ellerbusch, a child psychiatrist from Newton, Kansas, receives split-liver transplant

Debbie Laidler Liver Transplant Being Neighborly
One donor family gave life and hope to Debbie Laidler, a neighbor in need.