Myths versus Facts Infographic
The best solution is increased organ donation.

Myths versus facts about liver allocation for transplant.

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Transplant Stories

Recipients, donor families, doctors and donation experts share personal stories and facts

  • New Research Disputes Commonly Held Beliefs About Organ Donation
    Published: 05/29/2015
    Wide variation exists across the country in the number of eligible organ donors whose family members consent to the organ donation. Meanwhile, more than 123,000 Americans are currently waiting for lifesaving organ transplants and 21 die each day because there aren't enough organs available.
  • Doctors React to UNOS Hearings on Liver Re-allocation
    Published: 09/16/2014
    Hundreds of concerned members of the transplant community from across the nation packed the room in Chicago hotel on September 16, 2014, while many more listened via a live streamed webinar, during a passionate day-long public forum about liver re-allocation.