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3D Digital Mammography (Tomosynthesis)

Considered the most significant improvement in mammography in the past 30 years, the 3D mammogram, or breast tomosynthesis, provides more detail than a traditional mammogram. Schedule an appointment online today or call 913-588-6804.

The 3D advantage

3D mammography is an FDA-approved type of digital mammography. The exam is performed much like a traditional mammogram except that the machine takes a quick series of images at different angles. Computer software then reconstructs these breast tissue "slices" to create an image. This gives physicians a cleaner image of breast masses and makes it easier to spot breast cancer. The process is similar to how a computed tomography (CT) scanner produces images of structures inside of the body. The radiation dose is no different than a traditional mammogram.

Tomosynthesis mammogram

On the images above, what appears as an abnormality on the 2D mammogram (left) is accurately captured as normal breast tissue on the 3D mammogram (right).

All women, especially those with dense breast tissue, should consider 3D mammography for their breast screening. 3D mammograms make it possible for radiologists to detect the difference between cancerous and noncancerous breast tissue, especially in  patients with dense breasts. Patients are often spared the false-positive readings and being called back for additional tests that can happen with 2D or conventional mammograms.

3D mammograms may not be covered by all insurance plans. Please contact your insurance provider before your appointment.