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Anesthesiologists with a patient.

Pre-Assessment Clinic

The pre-anesthesia process is designed to help prepare our team by giving us more information about you, and to help prepare you by giving you more information about your treatment plan. Our goal is to deliver quality care and speed your recovery process.

To help minimize the risk of complications, we want to learn about you and your medical history in order to optimize care and comfort during your procedure.

This typically begins with a series of questions about your general health, typically about:

  • Medications you’re currently taking (such as aspirin and prescriptions)
  • Existing medical conditions (such as high blood pressure and diabetes)
  • Known allergies or adverse reactions to medications
  • Lifestyle choices (such as smoking and alcohol consumption)
  • Family history

Depending upon your procedure, you may be asked to have a brief physical examination and complete laboratory or other clinical tests such as an EKG. In some cases, the anesthesiologist may also ask permission to obtain your medical records.

A team of specially trained nurses, pharmacists and anesthesiologists will review your health profile to determine the optimal anesthetic plan for your procedure. One of our anesthesiologists will then communicate this recommendation with you and your surgeon to provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions and develop a thorough understanding of what to expect in regards to the anesthesia associated with your procedure.

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