Indian Creek Campus Walk-In Lab Services Relocating

Walk-in lab services will be closed on Indian Creek Campus February 4-5. If you need to visit the lab this weekend, go to the Medical Pavilion on the health system’s campus in Kansas City, Kansas. Weekend hours are 8 a.m.-noon on Saturday only. The Medical Pavilion is located at the corner of Olathe Boulevard and Cambridge Street. The lab is on Level 1.

Our Urgent Care location at T-Mobile Center
on Grand Blvd. is closed until further notice due to winter weather-related water damage. Find a convenient alternate location using Find Care Now.
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Schedule Your 3D* Mammogram Online

*For patients with implants or those who use a walker, cane or wheelchair.

  • 3D mammograms are now covered by Kansas and Missouri health insurance plans.
  • For most insurance coverages, your appointment should be scheduled 12 months and 1 day from your last mammogram.
  • If you have any questions, please consult with your insurance provider before your appointment.
  • We have created and regularly review and enhance our safety procedures and protocols to optimize care for patients, visitors and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safety guidelines for glucose monitor users

If you wear a continuous glucose monitoring device to monitor your glucose levels in real time, there are safety guidelines you should know:

  • Glucose monitoring appliances can be damaged by ionizing radiation and should not be exposed.
  • Remove the device during any exam that requires use of ionizing radiation, including CT, X-ray, mammography, nuclear medicine and fluoroscopy exams.
  • Exposure to ionizing radiation can lead to device malfunction, which may result in inaccurate alerts and blood glucose readings.
  • Schedule your exam near the end of your 10-to-14-day device period to avoid needing to replace an extra device.

For questions about safety and continuous glucose monitors, contact the manufacturer of your device. Manufactures will replace your sensors if they need to be removed for diagnostic testing.

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