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Resilience Toolbox

Everyone can benefit from learning about resiliency and how it can help in your daily life – chronic illness or not. Through these resiliency training programs, you can learn the skills to manage your everyday stressors in the most effective ways possible.

Online programs and support available. Email for additional information or call 913-574-0900. We will call you back promptly.

Learn more about Turning Point's Resilience Toolbox

Stress. We all deal with some level of it in our lives, though some experience more severe stress levels than others, even in ways we may not realize. Turning Point's Resilience Toolbox is here to help. Resiliency refers to your ability to bounce back from a stressful event, whether it's a major medical issue or a looming deadline at work. Resiliency is not a single characteristic that you have or don't. It is a group of facets you can learn which will help you manage life's challenges. Our resilience toolbox contains lessons adapted from our most popular programs. Each focuses on a different topic or technique designed to increase your resiliency and reduce your stress or anxiety.

In each program, you'll get a summary of the topic and ways to use these stress reducing techniques in your life. The lessons are organized into four sections. A brief overview of what you'll learn, what the topic is and how it relates to stress, why the topic is important to those with stress, and how to apply the lesson in your everyday life. Learning these skills and strategies will help you strengthen and change your mind, your body, and your spirit. We invite you to explore our Resilience Toolbox and see how you can use these strategies and activities to make a positive difference in your life.


For more information about Turning Point, please call 913-574-0900.

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