Modified Hours for Memorial Day

In recognition of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, some of The University of Kansas Health System’s offices will have modified hours on Monday, May 27.

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The Health Benefits of T'ai Chi

There is growing evidence that this mind body practice has value in treating or preventing many health problems. Through the power of ancient Chinese techniques, you can help lessen the power of stress on your mind and body. T'ai chi, originally a Chinese martial art, has evolved into a gentle exercise proven to provide many health benefits. And don't worry, it's something that can be done by anyone – it doesn't require any special skills or fitness level and can benefit people of all ages.

T'ai chi is often described as 'meditation in motion,' but it might well be called 'medication in motion.'

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T'ai chi

T'ai Chi for chronic illness is not a magic pill, but it's the kind of medicine that's fun to take. We have seen positive results with our patients practicing T'ai Chi including lowering their blood pressure and weight loss.

T'ai Chi, slow and graceful movement is an effective exercise for both a healthy mind and body regardless of ability, age or fitness level. No fancy equipment, no gym membership, no class fee. Strengthen the immune system, improve your cardiovascular system, maintain bone density, increase flexibility and improve muscular strength through classes.

With Turning Point's instructor, Bill Douglas, and our T'ai Chi toolbox resources Turning Point has helped tens of thousands. Please explore our website to learn the simple T'ai Chi movements and lessen the impact of chronic illness on your mind and body.

Understanding t'ai chi

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  • True – An Australian medical study looked at the aging process of women between the ages of 45 and 80. One half of the group had practiced t'ai chi for three years, while the other half had never done so. The study found the DNA of t'ai chi-practicing women was able to maintain itself longer, slowing their aging process and improving longevity.
  • True – A study from the University of South Florida and Fudan University compared brain activity from a group of senior citizens who practiced t'ai chi three times a week with a group who did not practice t'ai chi. Results showed those who practiced t'ai chi had significant increases in brain size, improved memory and better thinking test scores.

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