Inpatient Recovery Pavilion

A healing environment for recovery

Healing takes time. As patients and their families navigate the road to recovery, we offer resources and comfort areas to help them feel at home.

Burn center

Located on The University of Kansas Hospital’s fifth floor, the Burnett Burn Center is a 16-bed burn specialty center. It is dedicated to meeting the physical and psychological challenges of burn treatment and recovery. Each year, nearly 350 patients are admitted to our burn center, where advanced care and surroundings combine to create a healing environment.

Hurlbut Recovery Pavilion

The burn center’s Hurlbut Recovery Pavilion allows patients and their families a respite from the long, slow burn recovery process. The pavilion honors David Hurlbut, a former burn center patient, who donated funds to create the home-like facility. It features a lounge and kitchen.

David Hurlbut’s story

In 1988, David Hurlbut spent more than two months in the Burnett Burn Center. He was injured when a dip vat used for coating metal pipes exploded six feet in front of his face. Showered with molten asphalt, he suffered fourth-degree burns over 25 percent of his body. 

He credits our burn team with saving his life. Hurlbut is a dedicated father and a vital member of his community. Today, he enjoys fishing, working on cars and driving his dune buggy over the sand dunes.

Healing environment

The Burnett Burn Center features two additional lounge areas and a newly renovated burn rehabilitation therapy gym to help patients regain strength and health.

It’s where leading-edge treatment meets compassionate care. Our multidisciplinary burn and wound care team includes physicians, scientists, nurses therapists and clinicians in critical care, infection, metabolism, nutrition, wound care, reconstruction and rehabilitation.