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Burn and Wound Care

Gene and Barbara Burnett Burn Center — the region’s only nationally verified adult and pediatric burn center.

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When you or a loved one experiences a burn or wound injury, you need trusted expertise for the best possible outcome. The University of Kansas Health System is home to the only adult and pediatric burn center in Kansas and greater Kansas City accredited by the American Burn Association and the American College of Surgeons. At the Gene and Barbara Burnett Burn Center in Kansas City, Kansas, we are here to support your healing.

About our burn and wound care services

We provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care to adults and children with complex burns, wounds and skin injuries. From the time of injury through long-term rehabilitation, we care for patients every step of the way.

Inpatient care at the Gene and Barbara Burnett Burn Center

The Gene and Barbara Burnett Burn Center is one of only 69 burn centers in the nation verified by the American Burn Association and endorsed by the American College of Surgeons for adult and pediatric care. Each year, hundreds of patients receive advanced burn and wound care at the Gene and Barbara Burnett Burn Center in Kansas City.

The burn center provides specialized care for patients suffering from:

  • Extensive burns from flame or scald sources, chemical, electrical or radiation burns
  • Acute wounds and severe skin conditions such as toxic epidermal necrolysis, severe dermatitis or necrotizing fasciitis
  • Cold-induced injuries such as frostbite
  • Complicated wounds resulting from trauma, surgery or conditions such as diabetes and vascular disease

Our specialized inpatient burn expertise is made possible with:

  • 16 inpatient beds – the largest inpatient burn center in Kansas, Kansas City and the region
  • Dedicated burn surgery service available 24/7
  • 2 hydrotherapy bays
  • Anesthesia services available for debriding treatment and dressing changes at the bedside, during hydrotherapy and in surgery
  • Grafting treatment, with expertise in scar prevention and aesthetics
  • Collaborative care across a range of specialties
  • Rehabilitation therapy with streamlined transition to long-term care
  • Multidisciplinary mental health specialists available at the bedside

Outpatient services

Appointments for burn and wound care are also available in an outpatient setting for patients with conditions that do not require hospitalization. We also care for patients who have been recently discharged from the hospital and those who need long-term rehabilitation during their recovery.

We offer comprehensive burn and wound care, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ostomy care and more. No other facility in the region offers this level of comprehensive care on an outpatient basis.

Our outpatient team provides:

  • Nationally ranked care for surgical and nonsurgical patients
  • Rehabilitative care to improve movement and performance of daily activities
  • Pain management
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for wounds
  • Patient and family education and support
  • In-person and telehealth appointments with plastic surgery and other specialists

Scar management and reconstructive services

Our burn and wound care team prioritizes aesthetic concerns, from scar management to long-term recovery. These services include:

  • Care from elite burn surgeons trained in plastic surgery
  • Inpatient and outpatient laser services
  • Compression therapy
  • Reconstructive surgery for acute and chronic burn survivors

About our multidisciplinary care team

To provide the highest level of patient care, our burn and wound teams collaborate as a multidisciplinary team with 1,000+ physicians and specialists. They are trained to manage all aspects of burn and wound care. Together, they use leading-edge technology and broad expertise to support exceptional patient outcomes.

Our skilled team includes:

  • Board-certified plastic surgeons
  • Certified burn and wound specialty nurses and dedicated advanced practice providers
  • Physical and occupational therapists
  • Adult and pediatric psychologists
  • Hydrotherapy technicians
  • Clinical nutritionists and dietitians
  • Case managers and social workers
  • Pharmacists
  • Pastoral care specialists
  • Anesthesia and pain management resource team
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Other consulting specialty services
  • Our talented team of plastic surgeons performs a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment in which patients breathe pure oxygen under pressure. This stimulates healing for many conditions, including complex or slow-healing wounds.

    The University of Kansas Health System is the only hospital in the Kansas City metro area and the state of Kansas to have a 24/7 emergent hyperbaric center to treat patients.

Why choose us

As the region’s only nationally verified adult and pediatric burn center, we offer not only world-class medicine, but also compassionate patient care.

Distinguished care

U.S. News & World Report’s No. 1 Hospital in Kansas City and in Kansas
The University of Kansas Hospital is proud to be named the best hospital in Kansas City and in Kansas, with 8 nationally ranked medical and surgical adult specialties.
Magnet recognition
As a Magnet®-designated hospital, we have been recognized for delivering the very best patient care and achieving the best outcomes.
Largest multispecialty physician practice in Kansas
The health system is home to the largest physician practice in Kansas with more than 1,000 respected doctors and specialists.

Elite medicine

Holistic care

  • We provide holistic support, including wellness programs, support resources and assistance with work- and school-related concerns.
  • Our adult and pediatric psychologists help patients and their families address the emotional effects of severe burns and wounds.

Skilled physicians and staff

  • Our teams and nurses are specially trained to care for complex burns and wounds.
  • As the largest burn center in the region, we offer advanced technology and medicine.
  • For referring physicians, our transfer center triage team delivers fast communication and streamlined coordination of care.

Personalized treatment

  • We individualize all care to each patient’s unique needs and goals.
  • In our inpatient center, the entire burn care team meets weekly to develop customized treatment goals for every patient. We also visit patients daily to assess progress and modify care as needed.
  • Our team helps patients connect with helpful resources like The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, a leading national nonprofit organization dedicated to peer support, education and advocacy to empower anyone affected by a burn injury.

Putting patients first

Healing environment

Healing takes time. As patients and their families navigate the road to recovery, we offer more than leading-edge treatment. We create a comfortable, compassionate environment that feels like home.

Our team focuses on restoring total well-being, from physical function to psychological adjustment. We support patients every step of the journey and communicate closely with patients, their families and referring physicians.

The burn center features multiple lounge areas and a burn rehabilitation therapy gym to help patients regain strength and health. Our recovery pavilions are designed to provide a home-like atmosphere for patients and their families.

The Hurlbut Recovery Pavilion

Our Hurlbut Recovery Pavilion gives patients and their families a respite from the difficult burn recovery process. The pavilion features a lounge, kitchen and computer area. The pavilion honors David Hurlbut, a former burn center patient who donated funds to create this home-like facility. He credits our burn team with saving his life.

Contact our team

For more information, contact our burn and wound team:

Patients: 913-588-1227 or 844-323-1227

Physicians: 913-588-5862 or 877-588-5862

Transfer a patient: 877-738-7286

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