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MyChart: Online Access to Care Team

More than 150,000 people have signed up for MyChart, an online tool that lets patients see portions of their medical records and communicate securely with their care teams at The University of Kansas Health System and The University of Kansas Physicians.

Consider Marianne O'Connell. The patient listed the ways she is "enamored" with MyChart's time-saving features:

  • She loves seeing all her lab results online and being able to chart them without keeping her own notes.
  • She loves getting her test results quickly and avoiding the long wait for a snail-mail letter.
  • She loves hearing back from her providers quickly when she has questions.
  • She loves avoiding phone tag!
  • She also likes being able to look up future appointments.
  • And she finds MyChart a handy way to find a list of her existing medications.

Go to MyChartArlene Rodriguez also appreciates the speed of MyChart. "When I send a prescription request through MyChart, I get an email from my pharmacy in a very short time saying the prescription is ready to pick up," she said.

She also gets faster answers to questions for her care team. "The nurse sees my message and can quickly check with the doctor and let me know what to do or when to come in. No phone tag!"

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Want to sign up? Ask a staff member for help at your next visit, or request an activation code by emailing or calling the MyChart support line at 913-588-4040.

After you sign up, check out the MyChart smartphone app, too. Find a list of your medications, send a message or look up a future appointment while you're on the go.

All interactions via the MyChart system are private and secure. Only you – and those you authorize – can see and interact with your private medical information.