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Due to the rapid rise in COVID-19 cases, we are prioritizing critical healthcare resources and reallocating services and support where necessary. Our commitment to your care is steadfast. View our COVID-19 updates, visitor policy and safety information.

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MyChart FAQs

We think you’ll find the MyChart patient portal a useful resource. It provides many features and functions to help you conveniently, efficiently manage your health and communicate with your care team.

Below are a list of quick answers to questions important to fellow MyChart users.

Most-commonly asked questions

  • MyChart is a patient portal that offers secure access to portions of your electronic medical record. It allows you to schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, communicate with your care team, pay bills and much more. You can access MyChart in a browser on your computer or through an app on your smartphone or tablet.

    Please note, MyChart functionality may vary across health system locations. We continue to expand the capabilities it offers for all our patients.

  • You’ll find links on the MyChart sign-in page reading Forgot Username? and Forgot Password?. Click the link you need and follow the prompts.

  • All your personal health information is stored on a secure network. It will continue to exist securely even if you do not access it. If you decide to begin using MyChart again, your information will be there for you.

  • There are several other ways to sign up for MyChart:

    • Ask a staff member to provide a new code at your next appointment.
    • Visit and select Sign Up Now. You will be prompted to provide information to verify your identity.
    • Call 913-588-4040 or send an email to to request a code by U.S. mail. Privacy regulations prevent us from providing the code by phone or email.
  • We provide helpful resources on our telehealth page. You can also visit Zoom’s support page, which offers a variety of guides and tutorials.

  • Select Communication Preferences to choose how you would like to receive MyChart notifications. Manage your push-notification settings from your mobile device.

  • Yes, you can connect with hospitals and doctors when you:

    • Select Give One-time Access with Share Everywhere to open the Share Everywhere activity.
    • Select Link Your Accounts to open the Bring Your Health Information Together activity.
  • You must have proxy access to view another patient’s MyChart information.

    To share your record, select Share My Record, Friends and Family Access. Patients 18 and older can give or revoke access to family members or other caregivers.

    If you’d like access to your child’s account, select Request Access to Minor’s Chart and fill out the required fields. Note: Full proxy access is available for minors ages 0-13. Limited proxy access is available for minors ages 14-17. For more information, see the minor proxy form in MyChart.

  • We can help. Call 913-588-4040 or email.

COVID-19-related questions

  • There are currently 3 vaccine options in the U.S. We will do our best to accommodate your vaccine choice when you come to get your vaccine.

  • Yes, if administered by a clinician at The University of Kansas Health System. To view:

    • Select Health Summary, Immunizations.
    • Click Learn More on the selected type of immunization to access StayWell resources.
    • Click View Details for more information on vaccine administration.

    Missing information? Contact your primary care provider at The University of Kansas Health System. If your immunization(s) was administered at another organization that uses MyChart you will be able to view it.

  • Select the COVID-19 button to view or print your COVID-19 testing and vaccine statuses.

  • Yes, through MyChart you may schedule COVID-19 vaccinations for people 5 years and older. Vaccinations are by appointment only and must be scheduled.

    • For existing patients age 5-13, parents may schedule through MyChart or by calling 913-588-1227.
    • Existing patients age 14-17 may schedule through their own MyChart account or their parents must call 913-588-1227.
    • New patients of all ages should schedule an initial well visit through MyChart or call 913-588-1227 to receive a 1st dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

    A parent will need to sign for consent and accompany their children who are under age 18 during vaccination. An ID or birth certificate to confirm age is not required.

  • Once logged in to MyChart:

    • Select the patient’s name.
    • Select Visits.
    • Select Schedule an Appointment.
    • Select Schedule COVID-19 vaccination appointment.
    • Answer a few scheduling questions to confirm qualifications.
    • Select a vaccine location.
    • Choose a convenient day and time.
    • Verify the patient’s information is correct.
    • Enter your insurance information.*
    • Select SCHEDULE to complete the scheduling process and confirm the appointment.

    The currently available COVID-19 vaccines are administered in 2 doses several weeks apart. After receiving the 1st dose, please promptly log in to MyChart to schedule your 2nd dose.

    *If you have insurance, please enter the information into MyChart or bring your insurance card and photo ID with you to your appointment. The vaccine is free, but an administration fee may be charged to insurance plans. Uninsured individuals should bring a photo ID. For those who are uninsured, a federal fund will be billed for the administration fee. No money or payment is required at the appointment. No patient will receive a bill. No one will be turned away if they do not have insurance.

  • A clinical setting provides a safe environment where parents and patients can directly ask a pediatric healthcare professional questions they may have about the vaccine.

  • If you have questions about a COVID-19 vaccination appointment, call 913-588-1227.

  • Yes, if you have symptoms of or have been exposed to COVID-19, you can be tested. Self-schedule in MyChart. Or call 913-588-1600.

  • You can share your COVID-19 vaccination or test result information quickly and securely through MyChart.

    After you log in, go to Menu and select My Record>COVID-19. From there, you can:

    • Click QR Codes to create your own. If you have both your COVID-19 vaccinations and a test result on file, you'll have separate QR codes for each. You decide whether to allow someone to scan one or both or your QR codes.
    • Create a downloadable PDF by selecting Download/Export and then clicking Download. Save the PDF to your computer or mobile device and print when you want.
    • Export your information to another app by selecting Download/Export.

    Note: You cannot scan your own QR code. It is only readable when someone else scans it for your COVID-19 information.

    Received your COVID-19 vaccine(s) elsewhere? Complete your own query to add your information directly to the COVID-19 activity in MyChart.

  • If you don’t have MyChart, you can ask your doctor to print a copy of your QR code(s) at your next visit.

  • The QR codes that appear in MyChart are created according to an open industry standard called SMART Health Cards. They can only be read by another app, so don't worry if you can't scan them with your phone's camera. Learn more about SMART Health Cards.

  • When a business uses an app to scan your QR code, the app reads the information in the barcode and verifies it comes from a trusted source. The app can only read the information in the QR code; it is not connected to the rest of your medical record. Treat your QR code like you might treat your paper CDC card, and don't show it to someone unless you want to share your information.

  • Reach out to your primary care provider to update your vaccination information in your medical record. For proof of vaccination, you may be asked to provide your vaccination card.

MyChart questions? Call the MyChart Support Line at 913-588-4040 or email us at

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