Need help?

Sign up for MyChart during an office visit or register online. Then download the app from Google Play™ for Android or the App Store for iOS.

Have a question?

Email or call 913-588-4040.

What to Expect from MyChart Messaging

Have you ever wished you could send a quick email question to your doctor's office? MyChart makes it easy. Simply choose the "Messaging" tab and select a topic. Some examples include:

  • Ask a follow-up question about your visit

  • Learn how or when to take a new prescription

  • Report a minor condition and ask whether you need an office visit

  • Ask about prescription refills

Brief, nonurgent questions are perfect for MyChart messaging. Most providers are able to reply within 2 business days.

When to use MyChart messaging

MyChart messaging is not as fast as the phone. Use MyChart when:

  • You can wait a few days for a reply.

  • Your condition is not urgent.

  • You can describe the problem in 1 or 2 sentences.

When to call instead

Calling your provider should result in a faster response. Call your provider when:

  • You need an answer in the next few hours.

  • You need to explain your condition in detail.

For emergencies, call 9-1-1.

Be specific

When using MyChart messaging, be sure to choose your specific provider from the dropdown list. This will help you get your question to the right provider as quickly as possible.

A note about prescriptions

If you have your prescriptions filled at The University of Kansas Health System Pharmacy, you will see them on your "Messaging" tab under "Request Rx Refill." You can ask for refills and get information about when your prescription is ready or in the mail.

If you have your prescriptions filled elsewhere, you won't seen any prescriptions on "Request Rx Refill." Instead, use the "Get Medical Advice" topic to ask your provider to call in a refill.