Vascular Surgery

Board-certified vascular surgeons at The University of Kansas Health System diagnose and treat vascular diseases affecting the arterial, venous and lymphatic systems exclusive of the heart and brain. We offer comprehensive vascular care to our patients, delivering excellence with state-of-the-art technology.

Early treatment saves lives

The vascular system includes a network of veins and arteries that supply blood throughout the body. When normal circulation through this system of blood vessels is disrupted, serious injury can result. With proper evaluation, diagnostic imaging, conservative therapy, intervention or advanced surgical treatment, our vascular surgeons will decide the best treatment plan for you or your family member.

Learn about the arterial and venous disorders we treat. 
Screening for vascular disease
Should you be screened for vascular disease? Learn about our three noninvasive early detection screenings.

Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
Learn about the warning signs of vascular disease and how it is diagnosed. Our team approach to patient care offers individualized treatment plans for vascular conditions.

Spider and varicose veins
Learn about the causes of spider and varicose veins and the minimally invasive treatments available at the Vein Institute of the Midwest.

Vascular Surgery
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