Measuring Quality

Measuring hospital quality is no easy task. Regulating agencies in Kansas City and nationwide consider a number of factors when determining what makes a great hospital. By prioritizing patients first, we have developed reliable protocols and systems that keep our health system running like a five-star hotel. Whether you are a patient or visiting a loved one, you can trust us to provide the most advanced treatments and exceptional care.

The University of Kansas Hospital is proud to be named the best hospital in the state of Kansas, Kansas City and the region. Request your appointment online or call us at 913-588-1227 or toll free at 844-323-1227.


I received the best medical care I could possibly dream of. I never could have imagined that I would ever live this long, much less be this healthy, and I have a completely clean bill of health.

-Andy Donnelly, liver transplant recipient

Read Andy's success story.

Why we measure

We place our greatest emphasis on providing excellent service and achieving the best outcomes for our patients, and we continually look for ways we can improve. We do this by measuring results and using the data to find areas in which our performance can better meet our patients' needs.

Our key measures engage all of us. The right priorities energize us and help us provide great service and save more lives.

What we measure

Quality is a measure of how well we provide care, save lives and prevent harm. The most definitive measure of quality is mortality. Our patients' health outcomes tell you a lot about our culture of quality and the responsiveness, skill and competence of our staff. This is important whether you are here for a simple surgery or a complex, serious illness. It's a measure that indicates our overall commitment to your care quality in every way.

Patient satisfaction is a measure of the hospital experience of care and the quality of our service. Every aspect of that experience is important – from the attentiveness of a valet who parks a patient's car, to the concern of a physician who takes additional time explaining a surgery, to the kindness of a nurse holding a child's hand during a difficult procedure.

Keys to success

A hospital's reputation is only as good as a patient's experience. That's why our health system nurtures a service-minded culture of courtesy, kindness and exceptional care.

Every decision we make, every project we undertake, involves asking: "What's best for our patients?" Our goal is to always make you feel comfortable, safe and well cared for – just like you were staying in a fine hotel.

There are many other ways we foster a service culture, including:

  • Our volunteers often personally escort patients and their families to first-time appointments.
  • Our staff members celebrate special occasions with patients, including birthdays and milestones in their recovery.
  • We take patient and family needs into consideration any time we design or renovate a care area.
  • Current and former patients serve as advisors in several of our specialty care areas such as cancer and cardiology.
  • Members of the health system's executive team regularly do rounds, talking with patients and their families about their care and any concerns they may have. When they hear about an issue, they meet with staff to evaluate it and find solutions. Their focus is on making things better for the patient who identified the issue and for future patients who come to us for care.

The list is endless, because every one of us is committed to going out of our way to make your stay a better one.