Quality Care

The University of Kansas Health System is dedicated to providing a world-class patient experience for you and your family. This means we use the most advanced care and take every possible precaution while you are in our hospital to ensure the best outcome. Our physicians and staff respond promptly to your needs while always treating you, your family and guests with kindness and respect.

For example, The University of Kansas Health System recently ranked 10th among 107 academic hospitals in quality and patient safety outcomes, earning Vizient's 2017 Bernard A. Birnbaum, MD, Quality Leadership Award. The award recognizes high performance in safety, timeliness, effectiveness, efficiency, equity and patient centeredness. It is widely respected because it is based entirely on objective outcomes data from the organizations Vizient evaluates.

Discover why our focus on being a quality health system has earned us a reputation as the best hospital in the region, the state of Kansas and Kansas City. Request your appointment online or call us at 913-588-1227, or toll free at 844-323-1227.

Measuring quality

Our quality quest never ends, so we constantly measure how we're doing. And we believe in sharing that information with you, because it's important for you to know how we measure up.

Hospitals use a variety of quality measures and they can be complicated and hard to interpret. So we report on the two measures most important to you:

  • Mortality  – When it comes to the number of lives we save, how do we compare to other hospitals? This measure is an important sign of overall quality, whether you are here for a simple procedure or a serious illness.
  • Patient Experience  – How satisfied are our patients with the care they receive from us? This measure takes a look at different aspects of the experience of being in our hospital.
Measuring Up

Measuring up

Wherever you see the Measuring Up logo, you will find the most up-to-date scores available for mortality and patient experience.

We invite you to view our results and use our worksheet to compare the top quality indicators yourself. Check out our continuing efforts to improve patient satisfaction, save more lives  and see how we are Measuring Up.

Hospital Comparison Worksheet

Our hospital comparison worksheet can help you decide on a healthcare provider. Use it to collect and compare the top quality indicators for hospitals.