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As an academic medical center, our vision is to lead the nation in caring, healing, teaching and learning. To continue working toward this vision, we must expand our health system and take our level of care to greater heights. Doing so will help us meet increasing demand for diagnosis and treatment of the most complex conditions, strengthen our ability to serve as a resource to other healthcare providers, and allow us to serve as a true destination center specializing in complex care for the most seriously ill patients.

Expanding our facilities and realizing our vision will be possible only through private philanthropy combined with strong hospital financial performance.

The 2018 Hall of Fame Honorees

2018 Inductees into The University of Kansas Health System’s Hall of Fame and health system executives. The Hall of Fame was created to recognize those who have advanced the health system’s vision through their leadership, advocacy and philanthropy. Learn more about the 2018 Hall of Fame Inductees and Hall of Fame recognition.

How You Can Support Us

Giving is fundamental to our work at The University of Kansas Health System, whether the gift is time, money, knowledge or emotional support. Our staff and those who support us through partnerships and philanthropy wholeheartedly embrace a culture of giving to improve the lives of patients and the community.

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Not-for-Profit Status

Since The University of Kansas Health System became an independent authority in 1998, it has received no state or local tax money (aside from Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements). The health system operates as a not-for-profit and relies on philanthropy to continue to provide world-class care and service.

As a not-for profit, we strategically reinvest our revenue in our facilities, technology and resources that enable us to continue to provide outstanding care in the heart of the Midwest. Although we receive no state appropriations, the health system funds research, education, faculty salaries, and new residents through ongoing support for the University of Kansas Medical Center. This support means more top physicians can be recruited and more research can be conducted to discover lifesaving treatments.

Hall of Fame

The University of Kansas Health System’s annual Hall of Fame celebration awards those individuals and organizations who play a critical role in the health system’s success. It is our way of saying “thank you” to the people who believe in our mission and contribute to our growth.

See our past and present honorees.