Why I Give

Philanthropic gifts provide assistance

A gift for cellular therapeutics

“We truly feel like this is more than just a gift. It’s an investment in the future. The physicians and researchers with The University of Kansas Cancer Center are incredible – so dedicated and energized toward finding a cure. With this seed money for cellular therapeutics, we hope to get others excited about this innovative field that shows such promise in treating many cancers. This is the future of cancer treatment.”

Lisa Hale and Jeff Butts

A gift for patients in need

“When I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, I had a long journey ahead of me, including seven surgeries in just one year. I had an incredible team leading me through, from Dr. Moben Mirza to the many nurses, physicians and care providers who helped me along the way. 

I’m now in remission and credit this watchful care. Giving back is a wonderful way for me to help these wonderful people in return.”

Erlene Cares

A gift for Unit 63

“In July 2013, my father was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. He went downhill fast, spending just a day and a half in the hospital before he passed away. In the time he was under the care of the team on Unit 63, we experienced such an outpouring of help and compassion from everyone we encountered.

This is our way of thanking those who helped those who helped us through this incredibly difficult time.”

Nancy, Dustin and Darren Kindall

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