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Gynecologic Oncology

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With leading-edge technology and renowned OBGYN specialists, The University of Kansas Cancer Center has the ability to diagnose and treat many forms of gynecological cancer. We have recently expanded our gynecological oncology division to better serve women throughout the Midwest region.

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Common Gynecologic Oncology Treatment Areas

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Turning Point

Turning Point offers free classes, programs and tools designed to empower and educate people affected by chronic or serious illness.

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Fertility preservation program

Advances in cancer treatment resulted in increased long term cancer survivors. Fertility is the major concern for the young cancer survivors. Therefore, awareness of the existence of fertility preservation options may be helpful for women and children with cancer. Parenthood is an integral part of life that most individuals envision for themselves, including cancer patients. The Fertility Preservation Program, through Advanced Reproductive Medicine and the Breast Cancer Survivorship Center, provides comprehensive fertility preservation services, one of the few throughout the country. To find out more information or to make an appointment to discuss your options, please call 913-588-6261.


The Fertility Preservation Program is one of the few comprehensive fertility preservation programs in the nation. We have the most experienced clinical team and understand the importance and sensitivity of fertility issues in young cancer patients who undergo highly toxic cancer treatment.

The Fertility Preservation Program's mission is to

  1. increase awareness of the current options for fertility preservation,
  2. provide up-to-date, comprehensive fertility preservation options,
  3. educate the public as well as medical professionals, and
  4. contribute to the progress of fertility preservation technologies by initiating and participating in research related to fertility preservation.

Our dedicated team with Obstetrics And Gynecology experience, knowledge and compassion will make a difference in your life by bringing the hope of fertility. Learn more.

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