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Neuropsychology is the study of the brain and its role in behavior. A neuropsychologist is a doctor who examines the brain's functions like memory and language to guide treatment for brain conditions. This helps shape the best treatment with the least risk.

About neuropsychology

Neuropsychology is a subspecialty of clinical psychology and focuses on the relationship between the brain and behavior. Our neuropsychologists and expert staff specialize in testing, evaluating and treating people with brain injury or disease. We measure and determine the effects of known or suspected issues with memory, attention and problem-solving.

Our experts, which include doctors who are board-certified in neuropsychology, determine the best diagnoses and treatments for people with brain disorders while preserving brain function. The neuropsychologist also can assess whether cognitive concerns are related to normal aging or to a medical condition.

Our specialty-trained providers use advanced technologies to study brain patterns to determine how surgeries might affect memory, attention span or language skills. They also map language, vision and motor centers to support neurosurgeons in avoiding these areas.

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Neuropsychology services

Our doctors use the latest tools to test memory and thinking. In some cases, this may include scans like a functional MRI to locate functional areas of the brain, like movement and speech. The combination of advanced technology and deep expertise is important to achieving the best outcomes.

Our neuropsychology team contributes to planning care for conditions, which can include:

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Our providers are also leading researchers. They care for patients today and drive research to develop new treatments.
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