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Pharmacy Informatics Residency

The University of Kansas Health System offers a 25-month post-PharmD training program specializing in health system pharmacy informatics. The first year, focusing on pharmacy practice, is an organized, directed, postgraduate training program that centers on development of the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to pursue rational drug therapy. The second year will build on clinical and leadership skills developed in year 1, focusing on patient-centered specialty training in health system pharmacy informatics.

Residency program purpose statement

Postgraduate year 1 (PGY1) pharmacy residency programs build on Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) education and outcomes to contribute to the development of clinical pharmacists who are responsible for medication-related care of patients with a wide range of conditions, for board certification and for postgraduate year 2 (PGY2) pharmacy residency training.

PGY2 pharmacy residency programs build on Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) education and PGY1 pharmacy residency programs to contribute to the development of clinical pharmacists in specialized areas of practice. PGY2 residencies provide residents with opportunities to function independently as practitioners by conceptualizing and integrating accumulated experience and knowledge and incorporating both into the provision of patient care or other advanced practice settings. Residents who successfully complete an accredited PGY2 pharmacy residency are prepared for advanced patient care, academic or other specialized positions, along with board certification, if available.

Our health system aims to provide postgraduate training in the provision of direct patient care to multiple patient populations. Residents will develop effective written and verbal communication skills to provide education to, and successfully interact with, patients, students and a multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers. In preparation for their own clinical pharmacy practice, each resident will demonstrate and continue to develop their leadership skills by displaying professionalism and focusing on quality improvement.

The purpose of the informatics residency program is to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for enhancing medication-use processes across the continuum of care through use of health information technology. Experiential training opportunities in informatics fundamentals, pharmacy automation, clinical decision support, data analytics, project management, end-user training and leadership and management are key components of this program. This 2-year program builds on the foundational skills learned through a PGY1 pharmacy practice residency, combining clinical skills and knowledge with effective use of health information technology to positively impact the safety, quality and efficiency of pharmacy practices.

  • Length of program: 25 months
  • Number of positions: 1

Current benefits

  • Annual salary: $48,000
  • Other benefits include PTO, paid holidays, health/dental/life/liability insurance
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Contact us

The University of Kansas Health System
4000 Cambridge St., Mailstop 4040
Kansas City, KS 66160
Allyce Schenk

Informatics residency director

Allyce Schenk, PharmD, BCPS

Phone: 913-588-2820

The pharmacy informatics residency learning experience

Year 1

  • Orientation (5 weeks)
  • Central staffing (3 weeks)
  • Acute care (6 weeks)
  • Ambulatory care (4 weeks)
  • Critical care (5 weeks)
  • Advanced independent practice (6 weeks)
    • PGY1 pharmacy residents will participate in a 6-week advanced independent practice (AIP) rotation. The resident will complete 4 weeks of rotation with a preceptor, and then for 2 weeks the resident will practice independently as the clinical pharmacist for that service. This rotation can be in either an acute care or a critical care service.
  • Medication safety and formulary management (6 weeks)
  • Operations and automation (5 weeks)
  • Elective (4 weeks)

Year 2

  • Informatics orientation and medication management (6 weeks)
  • Ambulatory electronic health record (EHR) management (4 weeks)
    • Epic Willow Inpatient Certification will be obtained
  • Inpatient EHR management (6 weeks)
  • Ambulatory (EHR) management (4 weeks)
    • Optional Willow Ambulatory proficiency
  • Oncology and infusion services EHR management (4 weeks)
    • Optional Beacon proficiency
  • Clinical decision support (4 weeks)
  • Informatics quality and leadership (4 weeks)
  • Pharmacy informatics leadership (6 weeks)
  • Lean management principles (longitudinal)
  • Reporting and analytics (6 weeks)
  • Elective (4 weeks)

Additional opportunities

Teaching certificate

  • The informatics pharmacy resident may complete the University of Kansas Teaching Certificate Program if spots are available and the resident is interested.

Healthcare informatics certificate

  • The informatics pharmacy resident may complete a healthcare informatics certification program, such as that offered through ASHP, during the second year of residency.

Application requirements

Informational sessions

  • November 3, November 16, December 9
  • See social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin) for links


  • PhORCAS residency program application
  • Letter of intent
  • Curriculum vitae
  • College transcripts
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Supplemental materials
    • Essay questions
      • Describe how you think pharmacy informatics impacts patient care.
      • What do you hope to gain from completing this residency program?
      • Think of someone close to you (parent, sibling, spouse, etc.). What 3 words or phrases would they use to describe you?
    • Example of a project completed on a rotation (PowerPoint, poster document)
  • Application for employment
  • ASHP resident-matching program registration


  • All application materials must be received by the date listed on the ASHP directory.
  • Must have a valid pharmacy license in the state of Kansas prior to residency start date or by July 1.

Important dates after completion of match process

  • Early June: Residency orientation
  • Early June: Resident meet-and-greet

National Matching Services (NMS) code: 272520

We are an equal employment opportunity employer without regard to a person’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity and sexual orientation), national origin, ancestry, age (40 or older), disability, veteran status or genetic information.

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