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How Does T'ai Chi Work?

Practicing t'ai chi can help improve our physical fitness, relieve stress and better prepare us for the challenges of everyday life. But it can seem daunting to jump head first into an ancient art form.
Learn a few of the basic t'ai chi movements.

Introduction to t'ai chi practice

Now that you understand the basics about t'ai chi, you're ready to start practicing.

Bill Douglas leading a tai chi class.


Watch videos from Bill Douglas, Turning Point's t'ai chi instructor, and learn:
T'ai chi for beginnersEasy t'ai chiStrike palmHorse stanceQigong breathingResistance free movement

Home workout

After you get the hang of the introductory movements, explore qigong, breathing exercise, to add to the effectiveness of a t'ai chi program. Start with this relaxing sitting qigong meditation.

These videos will further your knowledge of t'ai chi movements. The first teaches basic exercises to help improve your balance and natural alignment. Benefits of these movements include increasing hip flexibility, leg strength and dynamic balance.

The second t'ai chi video is perfect for a quick and beneficial home workout. You can use the movements in this video daily to help improve your balance, coordination, circulation and strengthen bones and muscles.

You will get the most out of both sitting qigong and t'ai chi by approaching it as play. In fact, when Chinese people say they are going to do t'ai chi or qigong, they would never say they are going to "workout." They say, "I'm going to play t'ai chi." Remember to have fun.


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