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Second Opinion Heart Services

A second opinion is a valuable resource for every patient with heart disease. It's an important way for you and your family to ask questions about your condition and explore your treatment options.

Getting a second opinion does not mean you think the first diagnosis is wrong or that you doubt your doctor. Instead, it can offer you peace of mind by confirming your original diagnosis and providing more choices.

Cardiac second opinion services are available at The University of Kansas Health System in Kansas City and at additional locations conveniently located throughout the region. Our cardiac second opinion services provide you with confidence in knowing you are making the right choices about your heart care.

Who can benefit from second opinion services?

Those who are facing a new heart disease diagnosis can benefit from a cardiac second opinion. This valuable service allows you to know that your diagnosis is correct and provides information about your treatment choices. Those seeking a second opinion are looking to make the best decisions for their health.

Benefits of a second opinion

  • Confirms diagnosis or provides insights about further testing
  • Confirms your treatment plan, or offers alternatives – such as a clinical trial
  • Equips you with more information about your condition so you can make informed choices about your care
  • May save you time and money in the long term
  • Offers reassurance about your treatment decisions
  • In some cases, can prevent unnecessary treatment or surgery
  • May provide unique or innovative treatment options

We offer a variety of appointment types. Learn more or call 913-588-1227 to schedule now.

Why choose us

Because The University of Kansas Health System is an academic medical center, you will benefit from collaboration among physicians in a variety of specialties. Our experts are often located across the hall, rather than across town, which allows them to consult easily and quickly with other specialists throughout the hospital.

Your case will be reviewed by a number of physicians with different clinical backgrounds, allowing for a comprehensive and customized treatment plan. These doctors can offer you more of the information you need to make the best decisions about your healthcare.

What to expect

Your primary care physician may schedule your second opinion appointment, or you may schedule it yourself by calling 913-588-1227 or toll-free 844-323-1227. Our health resource staff will connect you with our cardiology office to schedule your appointment with a heart specialist appropriate for your condition.

Second opinions are typically covered by Medicare and most major insurance plans. Please have your medical records available at the time of appointment so that we can review your condition and make the best recommendation for your care. Specifically, we will need:

  • Contact information (name, address and phone number)
  • Date of birth
  • Primary care physician's name
  • Diagnosis
  • Previous diagnostic testing and treatment
  • Medical insurance and ID number

At your appointment, these medical records will be reviewed and you may be examined by a cardiologist. After you have been examined, your cardiologist will discuss your options for treatment and answer any questions you may have. We will also communicate with your primary care physician or other care team to ensure that we are all working together to provide you with the best care.

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