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Recovering full physical, mental and functional strength after a stroke, spine or brain injury, or brain cancer can be a significant challenge. The first few weeks after injury are critically important to recovery.

Our expert neurorehabilitation team helps make the most of this important timeframe. The team of physiatrists and therapists – including physical, occupational and speech therapists – helps you reclaim independence and return home following neurological injury.

What is neurorehabilitation?

Neurorehabilitation promotes your continued recovery – improving strength and cognitive abilities following a neurological injury. The goal is to help you reclaim independence and return home safely using a personalized combination of medical, nursing and therapeutic care.

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Who can have neurorehabilitation?

You may require neurorehabilitation care following stroke, spine injury or traumatic brain injury. You may benefit from our inpatient rehabilitation services if you:

  • Are medically stable to tolerate therapy
  • Have a medical condition that requires a doctor's attention daily
  • Require 24-hour nursing care
  • Show potential to re-enter and thrive in your community

How does neurorehabilitation work?

Neurorehabilitation is a collaborative effort among several specialists. It may include many different types of therapies and treatments, depending on your needs.

Your neurorehabilitation team may include:

  • A dedicated pharmacist to provide proper medication oversight
  • A neuropsychologist who identifies the effects of brain injury on cognition and mood
  • Activity therapists who provide therapeutic social and recreational activities incorporating your rehabilitation goals
  • Doctors who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Nurses trained to address bowel and bladder function, skin integrity and pain
  • Occupational therapists who help you relearn daily living skills
  • Physical therapists who work to restore mobility, strength and endurance
  • Social workers and case managers who coordinate with the care team and assist with insurance questions as well as discharge and follow-up services
  • Speech therapists who help you improve communication, cognition and swallowing
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The University of Kansas Cancer Center is 1 of fewer than 60 NCI-designated comprehensive cancer centers in the nation, and it's part of The University of Kansas Health System.

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Benefits and risks of neurorehabilitation

Neurorehabilitation has many benefits and can address a wide range of needs. The program includes a focus on:

  • Family support and education
  • Improving communication, such as speaking and reading
  • Mastering daily tasks, such as eating, bathing, dressing and toileting
  • Strength-building, muscle control, walking or other means of mobility

The risks of neurorehabilitation are rare and minimal, but may include new injury during the rehabilitation process (such as falling while relearning to walk). However, your care team is trained to prevent and treat these types of issues.

What happens during neurorehabilitation?

Inpatient neurorehabilitation generally follows a hospital stay. Our patients see a physician and receive 3 hours of therapy daily. Our team provides support to help each person improve abilities, build confidence and increase independence.

Each person has a unique discharge plan. Our expert clinicians collaborate to address every facet of your needs during recovery.

One crucial factor for successful recovery is the involvement of family. We understand that support is a key component to positive outcomes. We are committed to training and educating family members on the issues and skills involved in becoming confident caregivers.

We strive to send you home as able to care for yourself as possible. From nutrition to wheelchair transfers to bathing support, we partner with you and your family to create a customized plan to continue home care with confidence.

Why choose us for neurorehabilitation

We take an interdisciplinary, team approach to neurorehabilitation care. Our team includes clinicians whose collaborative approach ensures we address all your needs for recovery.

This strategy has helped us achieve discharge-to-community rates higher than average. Nationally, 75.6% of neurorehabilitation patients return to their communities. At our health system, that rate is 78.3%.

As an extension of the neurology and neurosurgery team, we deliver an important advantage. We provide consultations while patients are still hospitalized. Early involvement establishes rehabilitation specialists as part of the care process and prepares us to work toward your recovery goals.

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Resources for stroke patients and caregivers

When you or someone you love has a stroke, you don’t have to go through it alone. Programs and support are available through local and national organizations and right here at the health system.

Learn about stroke resources
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