Make a Difference at Turning Point

Most of our participants might tell you they never dreamed of using a resource like Turning Point. Then, they'll tell you they're happy they did.

To say we offer a broad range of program options is an understatement. Some programs are disease-specific; most aren't. Some classes are hands-on; some aren't. You never know what might help. Some people like to share; some people don't.

You might find the process of writing in a journal gives you new perspective. Or discover ways to better care for yourself as you care for a sick relative or friend. Or just draw comfort from being among people who truly understand.

Come over for a tour. Or stop by to read or check out a book from our extensive library. We invite you to experience Turning Point however it works best for you.

Ways to support Turning Point

For more information about Turning Point, please call 913-574-0900.

Participate in our programs

All of our programs are free to participate for those who qualify.

Yoga is a program you can get involved with a Turning Point

How to qualify

If you haven't yet attended a program or class but you would like to, please download one of our information forms, fill it out and bring it with you to your first visit. This information will help us get to know you and your needs a bit better.
I have a serious or chronic diseaseI care for someone with a serious or chronic disease

Sponsor a program

If you or your organization is interested in sponsoring a class or program, please contact Jeanne Hansey, 913-945-8995. We are only able to offer our services free of charge because of our generous donors.

Program sponsors

  • Metastatic Cancer Support Group – Sponsored by MetaCancer
  • T'ai Chi for the Heart – Sponsored in part by the Mos Family Foundation


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