Safety and Security

For your safety and security

Safety is a top priority at The University of Kansas Hospital and everywhere on the University of Kansas Medical Center campus. KU Police officers regularly patrol campus and are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Escorts to your vehicle

A KU Police officer is available to escort you to your car after dark. To request an escort from any hospital phone, call 8-5030. Or call from your cell phone, 913-588-5030.

Emergency phones

To reach police in an emergency, use the light blue phones located throughout the campus. You will automatically be connected to the KU Police Department when you pick up the receiver.

Emergency and fire drills

The hospital schedules regular fire and emergency safety drills to ensure staff respond calmly and efficiently to any situations that affect your safety. When a drill begins, you will hear a bell or alarm sound. A staff member will close your door and let you know it is only a drill.

Cellular telephones

Using cell phones may not be allowed in some patient care areas. Ask nursing staff before using your cell phone these areas.

Your personal items

Because the hospital is not responsible for replacing missing or damaged personal belongings, we encourage you to leave cash, credit cards, jewelry and other valuables at home. If you need these items, ask a family member or friend to keep them for you. Valuables may also be secured in a safe in Admissions.