Patient Information

Setting expectations for your first visit

exercise heartAnyone can be treated at the health system’s Marc A. Asher, MD, Comprehensive Spine Center – with or without a referral from a doctor. As part of your first trip to the health system, a spine care specialist will thoroughly evaluate your condition.

Your evaluation

  • At your first appointment, you will see a doctor who is a specialist in spine care. We call these doctors spineologists, physiatrists or physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors. 
  • The doctor will ask you about your medical history and give you a complete physical exam. 
  • The doctor will also consult with other specialists at the spine center about your diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Depending on your needs, you may be able to receive all tests and treatments in the spine center. 
  • Your medical record will stay with you, no matter which doctor you see at the spine center. This is convenient for you and increases the safety of your treatment.


  • Patient self-referrals
    As a new patient, you can refer yourself to the spine center. Simply call the health system hotline to set up an appointment, 913-588-1227 or toll free at 844-.323-1227.
  • Physician referrals
    Doctors are encouraged to refer patients directly to physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists for an initial evaluation. You can also specify a treatment, clinic or other medical specialty. Please visit Physician Referral and Consultation Services and complete the spine center appointment referral form.

New patients are welcome

For those patients new to the spine center, it is helpful to have as much of the paperwork completed as possible before your first visit. The new patient packet and scoliosis packet include forms that will be helpful for doctors at your initial evaluation. Please complete the appropriate forms and bring them to your first appointment.

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