An important resource for patients

The George Varghese, MD, Spine Learning and Resource Center – located just inside the front lobby of the hospital – provides patients, their families and community members the latest information on diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of spine-related diseases and disorders. Patients can explore their diagnoses and become actively involved in their treatment and rehabilitation. The resource center features:

  • Informational brochures, pamphlets and audio/visual materials
  • A lending library of books, videos and other materials
  • Models of the human body to aid in visualization and understanding
  • Community resource and support group information for patients and caregivers
  • Internet access to nationally recognized spine-related websites

The center's coordinator is an experienced clinical professional who can help you find the resources you need.

Patient Resources

Information you want and need

Knowledge is a powerful thing to have as a patient. Arming yourself with the best and most up-to-date information about spinal issues is the first step in preparing yourself for recovery and rehabilitation. The health system has several excellent spine-related sources of information, including a learning and resource center right through the front doors. These resources include:


Our physicians share information on the importance of maintaining your spine health.

George Varghese, MD, Spine Learning and Resource Center

This education and learning center is located just off the front lobby at The University of Kansas Health System's main campus and includes a wealth of information about spine-related issues.

Health Library

The content in this online health library includes facts about the spine, shoulder and pelvis; common disorders of the spine; spinal cord injury; back pain and scoliosis.

Spine Health

This website includes practical information from doctors on back and neck pain such as:

  • Doctor-reviewed articles on back and neck pain
  • Videos on common procedures
  • Patient discussion forums
  • Doctor profiles