Chronic Pelvic Pain

Chronic pelvic pain is a very common problem among all age groups, from late teenagers who may have pain from endometriosis and painful menses, to the very complex patient who has utilized multiple medications or undergone several operations to attempt correction of their pain.

Pain in the pelvis is difficult to diagnose accurately for many reasons. First, there are many possible causes of pelvic pain, including endometriosis, infection, uterine fibroids and ovarian causes such as cysts.

Second, there are other non-genital organs in the pelvis that may cause pain and be mistaken for a "female cause," such as bowel or bladder dysfunction. Bladder pain from diseases such as infections, stones and interstitial cystitis are much more common than recognized in the past.

Third, the human brain recognizes pain coming from the pelvic organs in a way that the site of the pain may be different than where the body recognizes the pain. While this sounds strange, it is the way the body works. Our specialists can help the patient with proper testing, medications and when appropriate, surgical therapy.