Month 1

Your pregnancy – Month 1 (conception to 8 weeks)

Your Baby

  • Features were determined from the moment your egg and the sperm of the baby’s father met.
  • Gender has already been determined by father’s sperm.
  • Tiny limb buds appear, which grow into baby's arms and legs.
  • Heart and lungs begin to form; by the 22nd day the heart starts to beat.
  • Neural tube begins to form, which becomes the brain and spinal cord.
  • By month’s end, baby is about 1/4 inch long.

Your Body

  • Hormones increase to help your baby grow.
  • Increased hormones may make you feel moody or cranky.
  • Breasts may increase in size and may hurt and tingle.
  • May feel nauseous – this is called morning sickness, but can occur any time of day.
  • Have not gained much weight.
  • May crave certain foods or hate foods you usually like. 
  • May begin to feel fatigued.
  • May feel ambivalence about pregnancy – this is normal.
  • Uterus grows larger, softer and rounder.

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