Month 5

Your pregnancy – Month 5 (20 to 24 weeks)

Your Baby

  • More active and can turn from side to side and sometimes head over heels.
  • Movement of the arms and legs are easier to feel now.
  • Goes to sleep and wakes up.
  • A white secretion (vernix caseosa) covers the skin to protect it as the baby moves in the amniotic fluid.
  • Some hair may be present on the head.
  • Eyelids are still closed.
  • Skin is wrinkled and red but slowly being filled out with fat.
  • By the end of this month, baby is about 12 inches long and weighs 1.5 pounds.

Your Body

  • Continue to gain about 3/4 pounds a week or about 2-4 pounds a month.
  • Baby’s patterns of stillness and moments of activity will be more noticeable.
  • Uterus can be felt at or above the belly button.
  • Breasts continue to grow larger and may get softer. Veins in breasts will begin to show and colostrum (clear fluid) may leak.
  • Heart beats faster and you may feel faint or dizzy, especially with sudden changes in position – this is normal.
  • Constipation may be more troublesome.
  • Hair may begin to feel thicker and oilier.
  • Feeling good; people may be complimentary.
  • Varicose veins may appear.
  • May need eight or more hours of sleep each night.
  • May have feelings of not being able to cope. These feelings can occur anytime during pregnancy.

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